replace a wrong fixme in dlls/winmm/playsound.c

Andreas Mohr andi at
Thu Nov 18 08:21:30 CST 2004


On Thu, Nov 18, 2004 at 02:30:55PM +0100, Rémi Assailly wrote:
> I tested a software ( a monopoly game ) and the error was that a sound 
> was still playing so I think that is not a wine bug.
> Before submitting this patch to wine-patches I would like to know what 
> do you think about it, what should be WARN, FIXME, if choosing ERR to 
> all is correct or if some cases are useless.
Way too big, please use
#define SND_ERR(err, text) \
	case err: \
	  SOMETRACE( text "\n"); \

A sound still playing could easily be a winmm bug, not only a card driver bug...

Andreas Mohr

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