No RichEdit20A window class

Michael Ost most at
Fri Nov 19 11:59:00 CST 2004

On Fri, 2004-11-19 at 03:22, Mike McCormack wrote:
> Michael Ost wrote:
> > (1) The wine bug (I think) is that riched32.dll is registering the wrong
> > window class name. Here's a suggested patch:
> RICHEDIT_CLASS20A is provided by riched20.dll, not riched32.dll.  The 
> windows 2000 implementation uses riched20.dll to implement riched32.dll 
>   (ie. moves the richedit code to riched20.dll and implements the 
> RICHEDIT_CLASS10A class using the new RICHEDIT_CLASS20A class.
> In short, the existing code registers the correct class name, but we 
> need to make a new dll dlls/riched20, and do alot of work on the 
> richedit control :)

This isn't quite clear to me. It sounds like you are saying there is a
riched20.dll in wine, but I can't find one. Are these statements

* Wine's only implements RichEdit10A via riched32.dll. Wine does not
implement RichEdit20A. 

* Win2K (and later) provides riched20.dll which implements
RICHEDIT_CLASS20A. This one I can verify as true on my winxp system.

* There are significant differences between the two window classes
My winelib app is hosting a 3rd party DLL which is specifically
requesting "RichEdit20A". That suggests that the DLL was built with
win2K or later, from what you were saying. Sounds like my options are

* hack their request to use the window class registered by wine's
riched32.dll. How well could I expect this to work? How big are the
diffs between 10A and 20A?

* get them to provide win2k's riched20.dll

* have them change their DLL to ask for RichEdit10A instead

* implement riched20.dll in Wine. Sounds like a big job!

Sound right? Any comments? Thanks a bunch... mo

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