Problem roundup

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Tue Nov 23 01:41:30 CST 2004

Vincent Béron wrote:

>So all this boils down to is that RH shipped a glibc update which broke
>backwards compatibility, with the same version number (glibc-2.3.2). A
>Wine compiled on the newer version takes advantage of epoll support
>being present, but will refuse to run on the older version.
Had only that been the case. The newer glibc has the "epoll" symbols, 
but if you try to invoke them, they'll always return "not implemented". 
It's one of the weirdest moves by RedHat I've seen.

>Now, the obvious question is how can we prevent that in the future?
>Specify a glibc version-release (we'll get users rpm --force'ing it, a
>future glibc update can (or not) break it, etc.)?
Probably not.

> Let a Wine compiled
>with epoll support run on a epoll-less system?
I tried that in my original patch. That approach was rejected.

>Another question to finish: how do other users of epoll handle all this?
Use libevent? Sorry, couldn't resist :-)


Shachar Shemesh
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