Winecfg -> browse for folder

Robert van Herk robert at
Wed Nov 24 02:58:14 CST 2004

Hi all,

Thanks to Mike's help, I succeeded in showing a SHBrowseForFolder 
thingy, in the winecfg program, so that people can pick a directory they 
want to use as virtual C drive.

However, ofcourse, this directory choosing thingy shows the virtual 
Windows file system, not the Unix file system. Hence, I think we have a 
tiny bootstrapping problem here. If I just show the user his windows 
file system, he might not be able to pick the directory he wants.

Is Z:\ always mapped to the root of the unix file system? Because that 
would seem to solve it: just let them choose a directory from Z:\ and 
then probably modify the returned string by removing Z: and replacing 
all /'s bij \'s.


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