Wineconf committee

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Nov 24 10:43:57 CST 2004

Hey folks,

Brian, Alexandre, and I have been talking with some kind folks that
are volunteering to help host Wineconf in Stuttgart; we're thinking
late spring for Stuttgart.

We've also had a generous offer to help set up a meeting in
conjunction with LinuxTag in Karlruhe in mid to late June.

This is all great, but I realized suddenly that the three of
us were starting to consider things and make decisions on behalf
of the broader Wine community.  While I enjoy exercising
dictatorial impunity, I prefer to have a cover group to make
my imperiousness less obvious <grin>.

Seriously, I'd like to ask for volunteers to serve on a
Wineconf planning committee.  I think the requirements for
the position are as follows:
   1.  Able and willing to attend the next Wineconf
       in Germany
   2.  Able and willing to engage in and follow the planning
       and decision making process
   3.  Have a credible background in the Wine community
       (or live in the right part of Germany <grin>).
   4.  Be willing to help in ways that may be required,
       such as showing up a day early to help prepare,
       or bringing A/V equipment, or whatever way makes
       sense.  (This isn't a requirement, but I really
       would like folks that are at least willing to
       contribute a little extra, if they are able.)

To volunteer, please email me privately, and I'll build a
chain of emails.  If we don't get any volunteers, then
Brian, Alexandre, and I will consider ourselves empowered,
and will dictate that Marcus does all the work <grin>.



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