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Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Wed Nov 24 14:24:28 CST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 10:43:57 -0600, Jeremy White <jwhite at> wrote:

> Brian, Alexandre, and I have been talking with some kind folks that
> are volunteering to help host Wineconf in Stuttgart; we're thinking
> late spring for Stuttgart.

I'll jump the gun here and give some more details.  

The group that's offered to help is Wirtschaftsförderung Region Stuttgart
(the Stuttgart Region Economic Development Corporation).  They helped
put on the big KDE aKademy event a few months ago:

Everything is _very_ preliminary, but one of the things we've talked
about include holding it in a small town rather than Stuttgart itself. 
Of course transportation is a concern, but that's a detail to keep
in mind.  A March / April timeframe seems pretty good, but we'll
have to work around Easter (March 27th.)  Something after April 18th 
would work well for me personally, and it would also give me an
opportunity to take more time off work.  I could possibly arrive early
and help set things up.  (Really just an excuse to spend more time
sampling the local biergartens.) 

We really have no clue how big of an event this will be.  We had
30 or so last year, but given that a lot of you live in Europe I think
we need to plan on at least 50.  

One thing we might want to think about is if or how this should be
promoted.  WRS wanted to promote the event, but we're unsure 
if that's a good idea.  I think the big concern is we don't want to
get a bunch of clueless idiots showing up and taking away from
the event.  However, based on last year I don't think that's something
we'll have to worry about.  As long as we're clear that it's a developer
event and not a user event I think we'll be ok.  So it might be worth
promoting and seeing if we can get 80 people.

> We've also had a generous offer to help set up a meeting in
> conjunction with LinuxTag in Karlruhe in mid to late June.

This didn't seem like as good of an offer to me.  For one, there
was no meeting space arrangements.  We would have to some
how arrange it with the Linux Tag people.

> To volunteer, please email me privately, and I'll build a

I'll even volunteer publically.

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