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Mike Hearn mh at
Wed Nov 24 12:28:07 CST 2004

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 09:26:08 +0100, mammique wrote:
> Thank you Rob, i understand this way, it seems quite hard regarding my 
> missing experience in wine me but i'll try to deal with it. BTW you 
> suggest to include regedit (.exe), and other stuff present in windows if 
> i undertand correctly, if i'm right will i be allowed to redistribute it?

We ship a regedit clone with Wine but there's no need to use if it you
know C. You can write a program that extracts the data directly.

You can make quite a minimal Wine install by shipping only:

wine*    [ie wine wine-preloader wine-kthread wine-pthread]

If you want to you could drop the advapi32.dll as well and just use the
NTDLL APIs for even more space savings.

What you'd then do is write a very small Win32 program to dump the
registry keys you want to stdout or do whatever you want with the data
from within the program itself and invoke it during the bootup sequence.

Have a temporary WINEPREFIX set up to force Wine to read the registry and
away you go. It shouldn't be too hard.

thanks -mike

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