profiling GTA4. question about polling

Raphael fenix at
Thu Nov 25 15:13:09 CST 2004


On Thursday 25 November 2004 20:43, Brian Gunlogson wrote:
> The patch you gave me is too incomplete to run GTA :(

> I can start a game, but once the loading screen says it is done, the game
> crashes. Looked at the console, it says, "fixme:drawStridedFast TODO".

Well the only way to have this TODO its when your card support vertex blending 
(and i'm happy to found people who have cards that support this extension :) ) 

> The crash happens at the end of drawStridedFast(), inside glDrawElements().

Really strange, and when you export WINED3D_VBO_DISABLE=1 it crash ?

> Your patch will really speed things up when it is finished. 

Yes, its work on progress
But i have a very strange problem who i can't understand at all :(

> In a fresh CVS tree, I disabled drawStridedSlow and applied 2 polling 
> patches submitted to wine-patches. 
> The game works almost as fast as in Windows!! 

Good news :)

> Brian G.

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