Making the Documentation into help files

Scott Ritchie scott at
Sun Nov 28 22:08:41 CST 2004

While making the Debian package, I had to do a special hack to compile
wine's documentation because it's made seperately.

This isn't a really big deal, but what I did realize is that Wine's
documentation doesn't get installed to the help menu now coming standard
on systems.

When I select Applications->Help from the menu in Ubuntu, there's a
whole list of documentation for available installed applications.  I
managed to get the install script to copy txt versions of the stuff in
the documentation folder to the standard /usr/share/doc/wine, but this
place remains bereft of wine documentation.

So, how is this done?  I presume there's a standard for
these things, as both Gnome and KDE have them in the same way, but
currently we're not converting the documentation sgml files into these
help files.

Coincidentally, this might tie in very well to the desktop integration
tasks suggested this week.  Perhaps we should create a desktop
integration tasklist or even append it onto the 1.0 todo?

Trying to further improve usability,
Scott Ritchie

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