Translate dir names into Spanish

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Mon Nov 29 09:42:38 CST 2004

Joaquín wrote:
> I have some programs in spanish for windows but when i install it i have
> problems with dir names, for example "Program Files" is "Archivos de
> programa", "Common Files" is "Archivos comunes", and so.
> Can i translate this names in source and compiling without problem??
> which files i need update??

Yes, you can.  You need to modify the file dlls/shell32/shell32_Es.rc. 
Look at dlls/shell32/shell32_En.rc.  The end of the file as a stringtable
with the comment /* shell folder path default values */.  Copy this
stringtable to shell32_Es.rc, and translate the names appropriately. 
Recompile and reinstall.  Please send a patch with the updated
translations to wine-patches at, too.


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