Moved dll list from DEVELOPERS-HINTS into separated file

Jon Griffiths jon_p_griffiths at
Mon Nov 29 10:27:23 CST 2004


>I personally don't think it's really useful without more detailed
>information on each dll, but in any case this belongs to one of the
>sgml documents, not a stand-alone ASCII file. will generate a blurb for each dll in the source tree when
building API docs, if one of the dlls source files contain a
supplimental comment named after the dll. IMHO this is the best place
to put a description of the dll. It appears in the generated docs
above the list of exported functions and makes a natural lead-in to
the dlls documentation page. The info is then also available by "man
dllname" if the generated docs are installed. 

See the top comment in dlls/shlwapi/shlwapi_main.c for an example.


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