Regression to Get IE Help to Work after September Snapshot

Dan McGhee farmerdan at
Sat Oct 2 11:21:33 CDT 2004

I could not get IE Help, or any application based on it, to work after 
the September snapshot.  I did a regression and identified the commit of 
20040824 16:00:16 CDT as causing the problem.  This commit edits this patch:

Among other things this patch changes

I discovered during the regression that if I use ./tools/wineinstall and 
let wine set up my fake windows and .wine/config file I couldn't get IE 
Help to work.  However, I used the September snapshot to test this, if I 
do "./configure, make depend && make" followed by install" and used a 
.wine generated by wine before the commit I identified, IE Help works.

I also noticed when I found the patch that it was edited today to change 
the files that I noted above, but I can't tell if the changes address 
the subject of this post.

I'm a real rookie when it comes to reading this patches and can suppy 
only information to this list.  If it will help, I will be more than 
happy to create "diff" files from the "before and after" wine versions 
to help close in on the situation.


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