winetest results refused when run by wine

Kevin Koltzau kevin at
Thu Oct 14 22:40:19 CDT 2004

I think I've found the problem, mingw-w32api does not have mscms
With this patch my build runs successfully

However, I currently have another issue..sourceforge seems to have
made some kind of minor change to their site that breaks sfpublish.

As I'm not going to have much time to hack on sfpublish, and it doesn't
seem its very maintained, a possible quick fix could be to stick the files
onto the sourceforge shell which would be accessable through or something similar..any thoughts?

On Monday 11 October 2004 05:57 am, Ferenc Wagner wrote:
> only.  Unfortunately, cross-building seems broken ATM.
> Kevin, Paul, can you comment on this?  I remember Paul
> sending a report to wine-devel about a week ago, do we still
> suffer from the same problem?
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