Use LLP64 compatible sized-types for LONG and DWORD

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Sat Oct 16 23:00:18 CDT 2004

"Vincent Béron" <vberon at> wrote:

> > It would be cleaner IMO to use that only when compiling with _WIN64 defined,
> > that would avoid affecting the Win32 target.
> Dimi thought like you (and me too), but that's not what Alexandre
> thought on IRC yesterday. One of the things is that if we have different
> definitions on Win32 and Win64, the TRACEs and others will always spew
> lots of warnings in one or the other case. With the same definition, we
> can get it right on both.

That's a good argument of course, but that can alien away ReactOS or other
guys using Wine headers and code.

> I still don't know what to do about code using explicit "long" in Win64,
> especially as it can be in a Unix API or a Win32/64 API.

Just replace such cases by LONG, INT and similar compatibly interchangeable


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