fix tbn_deletingbutton

Thorsten Kani beebix at
Sun Oct 17 17:45:22 CDT 2004

First, thank you both for supporting me in this case  (:  
Actually my totally lack of C knowledge is something i have to work on asap.
Rob, i have tried your patch and it fixes the problem.
seeing my mistake using TBUTTON_INFO as TBBUTTON makes me realize that i 
wasnt at least too far away from the right track.
By the way, your implementation of ImageList_SetColorTable also works 
fine for me.

I still have one question regarding the relation of  NMTOOLBAR.pszText 
and TBBUTTON.iString:
You did not use nmtoolbar.pszText here. Is it optional, because its 
already in the TBButton struct ?
If yes - what about nmtoolbar.rect then ?


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