msdn: d3drs_wrap[0-7] ???

Raphael fenix at
Thu Oct 21 14:34:09 CDT 2004

On Friday 22 October 2004 21:09, Ann and Jason Edmeades wrote:
> As I understand it, there is texture states (D3DTSS_ADDRESSU/V/W) which map
> to the GL_WRAP_* states, and there is no direct mapping for the d3drs_*
> versions. I am not sure I understand the differences, but you would need to
> understand it before implementing it.

yes, its strange. having a real demo of use should help a lot

> BTW Any help on the d3d8/9 interfaces is very welcome - there's not enough
> people working on it (Nor the ddraw stuff either, come to that).

ddraw guys doesn't need help :)
And d3d8/9 its more fun :)

> I'm working on moving all the code from d3d8 into wined3d and calling from
> both d3d8/d3d9. It will probably take another month or so, but if patches
> could be held until it is complete I would appreciate it - I'm afraid of
> dropping or missing something as I go!

Don't worry we'll help you :)

> Regards,
> Jason

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