Juan Lang juan_lang at
Wed Oct 27 16:51:00 CDT 2004

Looks good to me, Michael, though I'd suggest using /dev/random rather
than /dev/urandom: the blocking behavior of the former shouldn't be a
problem for Wine (since this DLL makes no timing guarantees anyway).

Since this replaces rsabase.dll, you could add a patch to wine.inf that
registers this rather than that.

Otherwise forward away to wine-patches and see what happens :)


--- Michael Jung <mjung at> wrote:

> Hello,
> this is an updated version of my rsaenh.dll patch from yesterday with
> Juan's 
> suggestions implemented:
> 1.) Changed destruct_... function names to destroy_... .
> 2.) Removed the multiple-of-four behaviour for handles.
> 3.) Got rid of the splitting of handle management functions into one
> table 
> locking function and one function, which actually does the real work.
> 4.) MD4, MD5 and SHA hashes as well as random number generation will
> work now 
> even if rsaenh was compiled with libssl-dev headers available, but no 
> at run-time.
> 5.) Compilation fixes for the case that OpenSSL was configured to
> support only 
> a subset of the functions imported by rsaenh.dll.
> 6.) Uses /dev/urandom instead of OpenSSL's RAND_bytes function. (Do we
> have to 
> check for the availability of /dev/urandom in the configure script?)
> If you want to try the patch note the following:
> - After you have applied the patch you have to run autoheader and
> autoconf.
> Then cd dlls ; make_dlls ; cd .. ; configure. 
> - After you have compiled and installed wine, you have to unregister
> rsabase 
> and register rsaenh (regsvr32 /U rsabase ; regsvr32 rsaenh). rsaenh.dll
> is 
> meant to replace rsabase.dll sometime (Windows XP also has rsaenh.dll
> only).
> Greetings,
> Michael

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