Listview notify_dispinfoT Messageformat

Thorsten Kani beebix at
Sun Oct 31 18:43:44 CST 2004

>Oh, come on, it was just a few more lines of code. In fact, I was happy
>with the code as it standed (that's no surprise, as I wrote it :)).
>I think we should just revert to it, and accept changes only with
>supporting tests. At the time that Aric submitted the patch, I was
>rather unhappy with it, but he claimed he performed extensive tests
>that proved that behaviour. He should have submitted them as part
>of the test suite.

As i understand it,  the old Listview code was assuming that 
LVN_GETDISPINFOW  is  never  used and tried to convince apps with the 
"A" version of the Message..
This leads to problems with Braindamaged_Apps(TM) wich handle only the 
Unicode Message.
(Tested App was "Explorer")


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