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Robert Shearman rob at
Wed Sep 22 11:08:32 CDT 2004

Mike Hearn wrote:

>> When I try to read you email in pine I get:
>>>   [ Part 1, Application/X-PKCS7-MIME  11KB. ]
>>>   [ Cannot display this part. Press "V" then "S" to save in a file. ]
>> So to read it I would have to save it as a file and then try to figure
>> out how to read it (or wait for some other wine-devel subscriber to
>> quote it in a reply, thanks Mike<g>). I have also heard reports that it
>> causes some versions of mutt to crash. I don't know what happens if one
>> tries to read it in emacs (which is what Alexandre uses) but if it is
>> anything like pine or mutt this may explain the lack of response.
> Firstly let's get the email format discussion out of the way:
> To be fair, this seems to be Mutt/Pine sucking. The email source is a 
> very standard multipart/mixed HTML+text mail which is the de-facto 
> standard outside of geek mailing lists :) There's nothing magic about 
> it, if somebodies email client can't read it, it seems to be broken. 
> Unless something between me and wine-devel washed it into a more 
> standard format (unlikely, never heard of it)
> I'm not sure where application/x-pkcs7-mime came from. That string 
> doesn't appear in the email at all.

It appears in mine. While I can receive it, it would be good if everyone 
sent plain text emails as that is just good etiquette.

> The sending client is Outlook. Any email client that can't receive 
> mail from Outlook needs some bugfixing, I think, standards or not. 

And mailman too, by the looks of it.


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