windows file dialogs with unix file path

Eric Frias efrias at
Fri Apr 22 09:24:14 CDT 2005

I've been following the unix path discussion, but I've kept quiet 
because I don't know enough about the filesystem layer in wine to 
comment.  I probably don't know enough to implement this, but I'll be 
glad to help testing and fixing bugs.

Michael Jung wrote:
> 2.) People, who write Win32 programs might have wine in mind and build their 
> programs to work with unix-paths, without going all the way to port their 
> apps to WineLib (I do have a bunch of source code for Borland OWL based apps. 
> They work fine with wine, but it doesn't seem easy to me to port these to 
> gcc/WineLib.)

FWIW, we're using OWL with gcc and WineLib and I don't think it was 
overly difficult to get it working.  The "OWL NExt" project has patches 
to get the stock OWL compiling with gcc on windows with mingw.  We still 
had to make a fair number of changes to deal with gcc since we were 
using a newer version that was a bit more strict, OWL NExt might have 
taken care of this by now.  We did have to make a few changes to work 
correctly with winelib, but it wasn't that bad.

In the past we've compiled OWL with Sun's Forte C++ compiler and HP's 
aCC compiler (both against MainWin), and we're now using it successfully 
with gcc on Linux, Solaris, HP (against WineLib), and native Windows. 
If you have code that you really want to get running with winelib, don't 
let OWL stop you.  It might take a week or two of tweaking it, but it's 
a lot more portable than you might think.


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