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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

of those calls directly.  It appears that my app (MS Visual FoxPro) does
this.. So I would assume that VFP itself is sending a LBUTTONUP call
whether it's run from Wine or Win9x or Win2k.  THEREFORE (caps to
indicate massive assumption coming:) the problem is the action isn't
invoked..  I support that assumption with my funky 'slowness' test (that
nobody else can replicate - how appropriate).   The action IS taken when
the system is ungodly slow.  <shrug>

> > 
> > I believe it was your toolbar.c patch that initially fixed the toolbar
> > issues, but out of curiosity, before the patch, were you able to check
> > if it was a regression? (Maybe back to 6/20/01?) I found your comments(
> > ), but I
> > didn't see any comments indicating a regression test. 
> My memory of events that far back is vague, but my recollection is that 
> the toolbar problem with my two apps (fpga_editor and Designer) has been 
> there since I started using wine, about May 2000. There were indeed a 
> number of other regressions triggered by the June 2001 changes, so I do 
> remember that date fairly well ;)

Yes, for that bug, it appears to be something with the wineserver. 
Maybe it's also releated to the server serialization issues another user
> > I think what you described is happening in other areas (see the bug),
> > with other apps, but for your app, it only manifested in the toolbars.
> Possible, but I suspect just a coincidence. The TOOLBAR_LButtonUp() 
> routine should only be called very specifically when the mouse is in the 
> toolbar. It certainly is possible that there is a very similar problem 
> in another routine, though.

I hope it's not a coincidence, but unfortunately I don't know how you
got to the point you did to fix it :)

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