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Tue Aug 30 17:20:58 CDT 2005

ignore = XFilterEvent( &event, None );
is causing this. If I get rid of the whole check, and pass all the events to 
EVENT_ProcessEvent() , notepad would not freeze.

XFilterEvent is supposed to return TRUE when the event is filtered by the XIM, 
but chances are that since the XIM functionalities are currently not really 
there, XFilterEvent cannot talk to the XIM context. 

As far as I remember when the TSX functions were there, the XIM window did pop 
up(despite XIM not working properly). I'm trying to trace the changes to see 
what might be causing this, but without much luck so far...

I'm more than willing to try and fix this, as XIM support is critical for 
people from my part of the world (Japan, and most likely for Korea & China). 
We've been coming up with rather crude patches to have XIM work till now(upto 
20031118), but can't get it to work because of this strange freezure we are 

Any pointers or thoughts will be greatly appreciated!


Vikram Kumar
vik at

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