co-author needed

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Wed Aug 10 19:27:44 CDT 2005

It's been a while since I mentioned anything about the Wine book I'm working on.

First, I've lost a co-author.  Ira had been working on 5 chapters
about Winelib.  He actually had a lot written and re-written. 
However, he's backed out of it.  So this is a plea for anyone
interested in writing those chapters to contact me.  I can fill you in
on all the specifics.  Even if you don't have a strong Winelib
background, I think there's a great opportunity for someone interested
in technical writing to put something together.  Honestly, I haven't
closely reviewed the few chapters that have been rewritten, but I
think there's a lot of material to work from.  (We're still working
out the specifics of that.)

The rest of the book is rolling along.  I have seven chapters
completed totaling over 200 pages.  I think I have most of the hard
stuff done and the two chapters left shouldn't be too difficult. 
Right now the review process has been held up by the Winelib sections.
 Ira's rewrite blew that schedule out of the water and we're seriously
overdue on starting reviews.  Right now my goal is to shoot for
finishing those two chapters by mid September partly to coincide with
a beta release of Wine.  From there we're still at least 6 months from
having a book on the shelves.

The licensing on the book will remain OPL.  At some point the text
will be available to the Wine community.  I think that happens about
90 days from the original publication date.  I really don't want that
to stop anyone from working on the Wine User Guide or Winelib User
Guide.  Both of those docs are horribly out of date and need some
love.  Ideally someone would have the User Guide in shape for a beta

O'Reilly.. after not hearing anything from O'Reilly for a few months I
got an email from them the other day.  In the "Running Linux 5th ed."
book coming out later this year I wrote a section on Wine.  Previously
they had about one paragraph.  It's been expanded to about 8 pages
including a section on CrossOver Office 5.

Anyway, back to my original question, anyone wanna write a book?


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