Future Acknowledgement & Who's Who updates

Tom Wickline twickline at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 18:25:35 CDT 2005


I am in the process of updating our  "Acknowledgement" & "Who's Who"
pages and if anyone here wants to be included and your currently not
just send me a mail and ask for inclusion.

If you want inclusion on the "Acknowledgement" page let me know what
aerie's you have worked on and you will be added in on my next patch.

If you believe you will be around for some time to come (a year) and
want to be included to the "Who's Who" page let me know this as well.
For the "Who's Who" I will need a short description of who you are,
where your from, when you started working on wine, and what aerie's
you work on.

You can look at other entries for a good example..


This is what I have thus far for my next update.

ADD -  Jonathan Ernst  (Acknowledgement page)
ADD -  Krzysztof Foltman  (Acknowledgement page)
ADD -  Phil Krylov  (Acknowledgement page)

Update -  Gerald Pfeifer to (2005)
Update -  Michael Jung to (2005)
Update -  James Hawkins to (2005)
Update -  Vitaliy Margolen to (2005)
Update -  Mike Hearn to (2005)


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