Throwing in an idea (probably it was discussed before though)

John Smith devel8421 at
Sun Aug 21 17:16:26 CDT 2005

As a Win developer, I want to make a suggestion (sorry if it was already 
discussed - or if similar mechanism already exists):
What if some simple way will be provided for Win developers to say which 
options they prefer for WINE to use for their application? While it may seem 
to somewhat contradict to the 'big bright future' of the WINE (with all the 
apps running flawlessly under WINE), it would hopefully allow for immediate 
increase of out-of-the-box supported applications.

For example, it could be a resource string of special format (for example, 
"__WINE_CONFIG_HINT: "Managed" = "N""), and multiple hints should be 
allowed. This hint should override system-wide settings but in turn should 
be overridden by per-app settings in wine config file/registry.

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