Throwing in an idea (probably it was discussed before though)

John Smith devel8421 at
Mon Aug 22 07:46:04 CDT 2005

>Because it's a tedious and boring task to narrow down those unknown bugs in 
>closed-source apps. And that's exactly why we ask you (since you got access 
>to the sources) to tell us what the application is trying to do which 
>doesn't work in Wine...
Ahem. And how long it usually takes to fix the bug for not-top-10 
application? And please, don't suggest to fix it ourselves - it is not going 
to happen in corporate environment.

As for 'tell us what the application is trying to do' - you've got all APIs 
in your hands, so what's the problem to track down system calls? The issue 
our app is experiencing is quite a subtle one - it works Ok with Managed=N 
or with Desktop=YYYxZZZ (or from CrossOver BTW), but with default WineHQ 
distribution when it tries to minimize one of it's top-level windows with an 
explicit call to ShowWindow, the window is not only minimized, but also 
reduced to 1x1 pixel; when restoring it, sometimes it is restored normally, 
sometimes not. This behaviour was reported for Gnome/KDE/Xfce and can be 
fixed with 'Managed' or 'Desktop' settings I've mentioned above.

>>(we checked relevant portions of our code though for potential bugs and 
>>found nothing)
>Even if your application relies on undocumented behaviour ("potential bugs" 
>heh) it should work - if it doesn't that's a bug in Wine which should be 
Well, in fact WINE compatibility wasn't our goal in such a check (WINE 
installation base is still negligible, and probably will remain negligible 
until some attention will be paid to out-of-the-box compatibility - at least 
like in CrossOver); it was just a good reason to check for potential 
incompatibilities under 'native' Win platforms. Also note that having WINE 
work perfectly is not our goal (personally I would like it, but the company 
coudln't care less).

>Managed=N breaks focusing for everything on my box (bug #2149)...
As it would fix the problem for 99% of our users, and won't affect those who 
doesn't run our app, IMO it is still good enough.

Also I remember you've just told that fixing bugs is easy - why does it 
still exist then?

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