include/guiddef.h: C++ compatibility patch

Steven Edwards winehacker at
Wed Aug 31 23:30:24 CDT 2005


On 8/31/05, Troy Rollo <troy at> wrote:
> 'extern "C"' on a non-member non-function global is perfectly meaningless to
> most C++ compilers. As far as I am aware, only MSVC++ mangles global
> variables. The 'extern "C"' is thus there to deal with a broken feature of
> the MSVC++ compiler, and is not applicable here unless somebody wants to
> compile C++ for Winelib using MSVC++ without the PSDK - something which I
> suspect would have many more obstacles in its path than just this.

Well yes some of us do. I work to keep the Wine SDK compatible with
the PSDK because we have developed a MSVC backend in the ReactOS build
system and one day (God willing) I will get the ReactOS Project to use
Wine headers rather than w32api headers. As such it needs to be able
to compile applications on MSVC and gcc.


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