A better workaround for compiling on FC4/x86_64

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Sat Dec 3 02:08:29 CST 2005


When trying to set up printing from Wine on Fedora Core 4 for x86_64, I
have discovered that Wine fails to find many libraries, including
libcups.  It turns out that the development packages on Fedora Core 4
don't always provide *.so symlinks for 32-bit libraries.  So I wrote
this script.

The script creates all missing links in one directory (/usr/local/lib is
the default).  Not only was libcups found next time, but also the old
workaround with imake has become unneeded.  The configure script runs
out-of-box and finds X11 libraries.

I'm posting the script here in hope that it will be useful for some Wine
users.  I'm not sure it it merits inclusion in Wine, but I would not

Pavel Roskin
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