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Martin Fuchs fuchs.martin at
Sat Dec 3 06:43:43 CST 2005

> Well, I think having some description of what the patch is about is
> more useful than a truncated file list, but if the general feeling is
> that the file list is better I can put this back.

What about all three informations:
a.) author
b.) affected directory, like "[dlls/ole32]"
c.) beginning of the changelog

An example would be:
"Michael Jung: [dlls/shell32] Implemented scrolling during drag&drop
for the shellview class"

Another idea would be to replace b.) and c.) by the original patch mail subject.
This typically already contains the affected code section, for example
"WINED3D: Return the correct parent in

While searching for good examples I good even more comfortable with
the second idea: The changelog can be quite long, and only displaying
some truncated part of it may not be that good. Using the mail subject
instead is better because the patch writer already had the possibility
to condense the change into some meaningfull one line-comment.



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