Wine: DirectDraw over Direct3D

Raphael fenix at
Tue Dec 13 18:08:22 CST 2005

On Tuesday 13 December 2005 09:28, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Am Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2005 04:25 schrieb Aric Cyr:
> > What is slow with ATI cards?  It seems that you should only need basic 3D
> > acceleration to do what you propose.  Is fglrx missing something that
> > would be required for 2D rendering?
> Texture upload is very slow. glReadPixels, glWritePixels and friends take
> ages.  That means that blt, Lock, and Unlock is really slow.
> There is some hope at least: Xine and Mplayer can play videos over OpenGL
> really fast, maybe we can find out how they do it.

for glReadPixels, glWritePixels
you can use the frame buffer object extension (or/with pbuffers) :)

Keep your Good work

> Stefan

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