josystick driver layer and support of multiple devices of one kind

Christoph Frick frick at
Wed Dec 14 03:29:33 CST 2005

On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 11:02:14PM +0100, Eric Pouech wrote:

Thanks Eric for the reply.

> >- i this an approach, that would be acceptablefor wine? so if i start on
> >  something like this, is there a chance it would be submitted to the
> >  tree - or is there a problem in terms of "wine does not work like this
> >  and we would ignore such an approach"
> >
> >- is the sound-system of wine with its lots of implementations a place
> >  to get ideas for such a change; or is this totally off, because the
> >  user only chooses one driver to use (instead of: only build the driver
> >  if appropriate and then let each driver search for hardware)
> there are several questions:
> - share as much as possible code between dinput and winmm (you have to 
> choose which one could call the other)
> - how to abstract the interfaces: ddk is your friend. for the winmm 
> part, check the include/mmddk.h, and dlls/winmm/joystick (the joystick 
> driver). there's in it all what you need (google will help too).
> - from the MM experience, don't recreate a separate driver for each 
> known HW or interface, but rather stick everything in a single driver, 
> and handle the complexity here

if i get you right from what i have now seen in the dinput code it would
be best to do the following:

- check also winmm out for the joystick relevant drivers
  * see if there is support for both kind of joysticks
  * see if there is support for multiple devices
- put all the logic how to access the joystick hardware away from
  dinput.dll and utilize winmm
- extend the support for multiple devices, for the parts where it is not
  yet working

thinks that are _no_good_idea_:
- create a proper driver (not in the windows driver sense but for
  internal use only)


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