gethostbyname(my_name) and IL2-Sturmovik

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Wed Dec 14 14:11:50 CST 2005

> Since you're concerned about the performance, which is valid, I've also 
> removed all the string-conversions. Important question: Is a
> valid public IP-Adress?


> If yes, I'd have to furtherly change the code, adding some 
> htonl, ntohl, or similar.

Yes, and that would allow you to do only one comparison.

> + BOOL get_public_ip(DWORD* target)

This still needs to be static.  (static BOOL get_public_ip...)

> +     for (i = 0; i < ifc.ifc_len / sizeof(struct ifreq); i++)

Now I remember why I was concerned about this.  This isn't portable.  In
some systems, struct if_req occupies fixed space in ifc, but in others,
the size depends on the amount of data in each struct if_req.  You need to
use ifreq_len.  See e.g.:

Or, as I suggested before, you could call iphlpapi.GetAdaptersInfo: it
already excludes local interfaces, and winsock already depends on


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