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Peter Beutner p.beutner at
Fri Dec 16 06:14:54 CST 2005

James Liggett schrieb:
>>I really fear that this will end up with vendors loudly advertising linux support and 
>>proudly putting linux stickers on their products where everything you find inside are just 
>>the same windows .exe files and a readme stating that these will work fine with wine.
>>Which at least is not what I would like to see.
> I agree. :)
>>The main thing the _developers_ should be pointed to(if they care about their product on 
>>other platforms then windows) are some decent docs about platform-independent programming :p
> Yes, they should. I think developers think about abstracting their
> development around cross-platform toolkits like Gtk or QT But, then
> again, far too many developers don't now, and probably won't ever. So
> what then? 
So tell them about it ;)
If the care a bit about other platforms they will at least think about it.
And if they can't rewrite their existing software because it would be too much work or the 
product is no longer in development you could still point them to wine and try to work 
together to get it run on wine.But imho it should be in this order and not the other way 

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