SCREENSHOT: Windows Genuine Advantage 'GenuineCheck.exe' program generating key on Wine!

Segin segin2005 at
Sat Dec 17 00:00:49 CST 2005

The attached screenshot (UNMODIFIED) depicts the WGA 'GenuineCheck.exe' 
program that is used on the microsoft web site to 'validate' Windows so 
that you can download crap. Normally, it will not generate the needed 
key under Wine, but I have a screenshot (attached) of it doing so. I 
don't know is this is worth noting, as i couldn't tell you how I made it 
work (a LOT of things, too many to even count). However, I thought it 
might be something of intrest. If this is in any way useful to the 
development of Wine, please let me know.
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