Partial success report: Ability Office 4.14

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Dec 16 22:36:14 CST 2005

Ability Office has a Linux version done with winelib, but
I wanted to go whole hog and run the Windows version
using wine 0.9.3.  There were a few issues along the way.
I started by downloading their normal Windows setup program:
  wine setup.exe
This failed with
fixme:urlmon:URLDownloadToCacheFileW ((nil)
0x7bc80a88 520 0 0x7b91fb00)

Evidently setup.exe is just a little thing that downloads the real thing
from their web site, but that doesn't work in Wine yet.

So I followed their alternate download procedure:
  wine Ability.MSI
This failed because Wine doesn't know enough to run msiexec when
you do this :-(  But running msiexec by hand works:
  msiexec Ability.MSI
I could then run ability write and create documents.  Visually, things looked
pretty good.  Performance-wise, though, it really couldn't keep up with
my typing, and took waaaay too long to start up.  This is on a 2GHz
system with lots of RAM, so it's kind of inexcusable.

Gotta go be a dad now, but thought this little bit of data would be
interesting to somebody.

Wine for Windows ISVs:

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