[lostwages] Remove winetools from download page

James Hawkins truiken at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 19:24:52 CST 2005

n 12/21/05, Sven Paschukat <Sven.Paschukat at t-online.de> wrote:
> Joachim says that he has 30.000 downloads per month. That's a big number
> and if only one percent of the users has problems, then of course your
> hear of them.

That's the problem; a clear distinction between wine and winetools is
required.  The wine-devel and wine-users lists are for the wine
project, and any problems users have with winetools, or because of
winetools, should be reported on a winetools mailing list.

> And of course mostly users only report when they have problems. Can you
> refer these users to the Wine users mailing list? We need detailed
> feedback to fix remaining problems.
> James, please don't see the value of winetools only from a developers
> view. Normal linux users don't want to test builtin dlls, they just want
> to get their windows apps working on linux. IMHO it's better for Wine if
> the users become an easy feeling of success instead of letting them fall
> from one pitball into another.

Trust me, I don't.  I think winetools is a great app, and I've used it
on several occasions.  I agree that most users want to easily use
their windows apps using winetools, and I'm not of the opinion that
they shouldn't use winetools.

Vitaliy's point is that wine is progressing rapidly towards a 1.0
stable release.  Wine's COM implementation is being worked on heavily,
along with msi (and uncountless other areas.)  Wine is at the point
where a user shouldn't need winetools to use many windows apps.  For
example, it's possible to install IE6 by only registering one native
dll and using another native dll for the installer.

As much as I appreciate the work you, Joachim, and others have put
into winetools, we're getting closer to the point in time when
winetools needs to be phased out by a better, more functional wine. 
Part of this process is removing it from the official download page.

James Hawkins

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