[lostwages] Remove winetools from download page

Joseph Garvin k04jg02 at kzoo.edu
Thu Dec 22 22:47:48 CST 2005

James Hawkins wrote:

>>Usability is another rapidly progressing area of wine.

What usability? I've been reading the mailing list for a few months now, 
and the only extent of 'usability' discussions for wine has been over 
whether or not experienced linux geeks will be confused by options in 
winecfg. That's not usability. That just means it's easy for hardcore 
users to figure things out without having to look for docs. The work 
being done in winecfg is both good and necessary, but it's still a long 
ways away from wine being 'usable' to non-geeks. When all of the binary 
packages (heck, any) on winehq.org have .Desktop files so that winecfg 
is at least accessible without the use of a terminal, and you can launch 
a wine application that asks the user what windows app they would like 
to run or make shortcut to so they don't have to use terminal there 
either, /then/ maybe there can be some usability discussion.

And then maybe it would be appropriate to remove winetools.

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