[lostwages] Remove winetools from download page

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at kievinfo.com
Thu Dec 22 23:58:03 CST 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005, 4:16:54 PM, Sven Paschukat wrote:

> Vitaliy Margolen schrieb:
>> 2. It can't use wine from the source tree (again for testing).
> It should. What were your problems?

I do not have Wine installed. All I have is wine symlink in my ~/bin dir.
And winetools could not find wine nor winecfg. So when I ran wt it
complained about that.

>> 3. It's using redundant scripts to like findwine. For what purpose?
> It makes some checks to avoid problems. It was not our goal to write
Mm looking at those checks I would say 95% of them are invalid and/or not
as flexible as wine itself is.

> perfect code like wine. So it is titled "3rd Party Tools".
No one talks about "perfect code" here. We are talking about
"entitlement" to be listed in the same line as Wine itself.

>> 4. Those scripts override environment variables that wine and wine parts,
>>    depend on. Why?
> Can you say more precisely what code fragment do you mean?
findwine - 95% bogus. winetools - should be split into separate scripts
for each installed app. Makes it cleaner and more flexible. All the
scripts in scripts/ dir what are they for? Most seems to be 100%
redundant to what "wine" or "wine prog.exe && wineserver -w" do.

>> 5. It adds some extra needless overrides to the registry, like
>>    DLLOVERRIDES="*=native, builtin". Is there a reason for this? That
>>    _is exactly_ what we, developers, trying to avoid.
> Using as much native dlls as possible makes chances best to install
> windows software, of course not user32.dll and such.
No that's not the case at all. And this part specifically defeats the
whole propose of developing new dlls. Why would anyone in their right
mind start new dll, if you can use native? But the question is "can you?"
Most people DO NOT own Windows 98 licence. That means that each such
person should not even attempt to download or run winetools.

>> 6. "Version"="win98" - that is wrong. Wine's default _is_ win2k.
> It is right for the goal of the winetools. Again, this is why it's
> titled "3rd Party Tools".
No, it's not. Some major changes have been made to low level code that
makes Wine much more like with winNT then win9x. If you enforce win9x for
each program - you creating potential problems. And again, most programs
with do things differently on win9x then winNT. Like disabling some
features. So that again means that we never getting feedback from users.

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