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Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Mon Dec 26 07:14:20 CST 2005

> 1. When wine changes screen resolution, it changes resolution of desktop
> and that move my icons and i must arrange it manually after game exit and
> that is the problem. Please make that resolution switching like "cedega".
> Cedega changes the screen resolution, but desktop dimensions are unchanged.
That's a Xrandr issue: Wine uses Xrandr to change the screen resulution: Both 
the virtual Desktop and the Screen resolution are changed. Cedega only 
changes the Screen resolution just as if you typed Ctrl + alt + "+". The 
reason why Wine so is a mouse locking issue: dinput.dll fails to lock the 
mouse inside the Wine window often, and if the Desktop is bigger than the 
screen, one can accidentally move the mouse outside the game window.
The solution to this one is to fix dinput and avoid the use of Xrandr.

There's a registy key to force the cedega behavior I think it's 
HKCU\Software\Wine\X11 Driver\UseXrandr, but I am not sure.

> 2. Where is the config? Implementation of "winecfg" isn't good choice.
> Config file was good so why you have removed it? Existence of that config
> file will be welcomed for many users, which wants to edit some options,
> which they can't edit now.
You can still edit them in the registry files. Have a look at 
HKCU/Software/Wine/ This path is stored in ~/.wine/user.reg, which can be 
edited with any text editor.

> 3. The "-workdir" option. When i try to run some programs or when i try to
> install something, sometimes wine can't find files needed by installer or
> installed game. Cedega uses "-workdir" parameter which sets the directory,
> where are that files. I couldn't install or run many games and programs
> because of Wine can't find that files, which are needed. (e.g. wine
> -workdir "/root/.wine/drive_c/warcraft III/" "C:/warcraft III/Frozen
> Throne.exe")
I don't think such an option is needed - You can simply cd into the needed 
directory. If you want to run the app from a GUI menu, you can set a working 
path for that menu entry.
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