Preliminary CD-Rom support on MacOS X #5

Markus Amsler markus.amsler at
Thu Dec 29 18:39:34 CST 2005


I took a look at your patches, here's what i've found:


> #
> @ cdecl MODULE_DllThreadAttach(ptr)
> @ cdecl MODULE_GetLoadOrderW(ptr wstr wstr)
>+@ cdecl CDROM_InitCDDevices()
>+@ cdecl CDROM_FoundDevices()
>+@ cdecl CDROM_BSDPathForMedia(ptr)
>+@ cdecl CDROM_GetMountPointForBSDDevice(ptr)
>+@ cdecl CDROM_BSDPathForHandle(long)
>\ No newline at end of file

- You shouldn't add more seperation hacks. Besides that, if _APPLE_ is not defined, the linker doesn't find these symbols.
- Gcc spits out warnings about the missing newlines at the end of files.


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