Fun with Visual Basic (if you like ole bugs :-)

Dan Kegel dank at
Fri Dec 30 00:13:10 CST 2005

Joe Priestley and I have been trying out his
Visual Basic 6 app under Wine.  He's really
been helpful and willing to provide test cases.
In particular, see the test program linked to from
It's a tiny little visual basic app that lets you
exercize a couple of Windows APIs in several
ways.  It seems to be especially good at pointing
OLE problems.  Could I get one of our esteemed
OLE experts to have a look at it?
is an example of a little OLE problem shown by
this app; that one seemed to be simple to fix.
(Wine complained that the app was trying to
make a 15-parameter call, but oleaut32 didn't
support that yet.  Adding it seemed easy.)

- Dan

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