Graphical debugging instead of winedbg

Ann and Jason Edmeades us at
Sun Feb 6 15:57:59 CST 2005


>> 1. Winedbg:
>> I can get to the trap by winedbg program.exe, cont, and it stops and
>> displays everything ok
>> 2. KDBG: I launch winedbg --gdb --no-start program.exe, and it starts and
>> issues the line target remote localhost:32835
>> I then issue kdbg -r localhost:32835 /usr/local/bin/wine-pthread and geta
>> popup stating "Sorry - KDbg, gdb: Using host libthread_db library
>> "/lib/tls/" with an ok button
>> I click the ok button and the console I launched winedbg in issues
>> messages about "loads DLL c:\windows\system\user32 etc etc and eventually
>> exception code=0x80000003 but nothing ever happens to the GUI
>> Note this is with cvs and Mandrake 10 if it makes any difference.
>> How do I get the gui support working?

>two remarks:
>- you indeed try to start two winegdb instances, and this won't work (at
>step 1 & 2). You need to start your program at step 2.

Sorry, my first step was meant to show debugging standalone, ie with winedbg
works fine, ie there's no compile time issue

>- I get the same issue with kdbg as the one you described. More
>interestingly it also happens with non wine binaries, so I wonder if it's
>not an issue between kdbg and gdb.

Can you recommend a graphical debugger which can drive winedbg in this way?
I really cant remember the syntax for examining memory, stacks, registers


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