Question about TrueType rendering

Eric Frias efrias at
Mon Feb 7 11:28:13 CST 2005

Huw D M Davies wrote:
> If you've got this, then it means Wine is happily using FreeType.  In
> this case Wine will (by default) render the fonts itself and display
> them via the X RENDER extension.  This means that it'll not use X11
> font mechanisms at all.  If Wine can't use the RENDER extension then
> it will fallback to using X requests such as XPutImage which again
> won't use the X11 font mechanism.

Thanks for explaining, that's what I was hoping to hear.  Since wine is 
loading freetype and finding my fonts, it sounds like my problem lies in 
my config file.  I'll go back and re-read the docs and see if I can find 
my problem.

It looks like the docs are out-of-date here, Wine User Guide says:

| What to do with TrueType fonts? There are several commercial font
| tools that can convert them to the Type1 format but the quality of the
| resulting fonts is far from stellar. The other way to use them is to
| get a font server capable of rendering TrueType (Caldera has one,
| there also is the free xfstt in Linux/X11/fonts on sunsite and
| mirrors, if you're on FreeBSD you can use the port in
| /usr/ports/x11-servers/Xfstt. And there is xfsft which uses the
| freetype library, see freetype description).
| However, there is a possibility of the native TrueType support via
| FreeType renderer in the future (hint, hint :-)

I'm glad it was wrong.


> In fact Wine will only use X11 fonts if either:
> a. You tell Wine to do so in the config file
> b. Wine can't find any TrueType fonts
> or
> c. Wine can't find, or wasn't compiled with, a working version of
>    FreeType.
> Huw.

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