Broken cross-build, again.

Ferenc Wagner wferi at
Wed Feb 9 10:57:25 CST 2005

>>> If I run winetest-200502091000-paul-mingw manually on my win98 box
>>> I get several messages "Can't parse subtests output of" for the
>>> following tests [...]
>>> just before the tests actually start.

In the first round winetest runs all the individual test
executables to find out the names of subtests they contain.
In case of a failure it obiously has no way to run those
tests, so they are skipped.  You have the freedom the run
the problematic executables manually and find out more.
Winetest could be massaged to include the unparsable output
in the report, but it didn't seem worth it, as most of the
time it means that the test doesn't apply for the given
system (no such DLL installed).

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