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Rainer Haake marauder at
Mon Feb 14 11:14:33 CST 2005

Am Montag, 14. Februar 2005 07:45 schrieb Jonathan Ernst:
> Well, there is no need for a patch. The "problem" here is appdb users
> behaviour ;-). If Winzip is listed on the frontpage it's because people
> voted for it. Just vote for another couple of Gold apps you like, it'll
> remove Winzip from the front page. Now the fact that you vote for an
> already Gold app is questionable as well.

I think the ranking of Apps should be separated from voting...
You vote for the Apps you want to be fixed, so you shouldn't be able to vote 
for Gold apps, because there is nothing to fix with them.

In my opinion Appdb users should be able to select which apps they use with 
Wine and the ranking of Gold apps should be based on most used apps.

So we get the most prominent and useful apps on the frontpage, because i don't 
think anybody will say the actively use WinZip with Wine, but many will 
select Word or Notes or games...

Just my 2 €-cents

Rainer Haake
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