Anyone have Wine PowerPoint slides?

Ira Krakow ikrakow_1999 at
Mon Feb 14 13:29:53 CST 2005

I'm giving a presentation on converting Windows
programs to Linux at MIT (the Boston Linux User Group)
on April 20th from 7pm to 9pm.  The BLU may be the
oldest Linux user group in the US.  It's been around
at least since 1993, has been meeting regularly since
then, and has a lot of activity.  The group started
under the umbrella of the Boston Computer Society,
which at one time had over 20,000 members.

I was wondering if anyone has any Wine PowerPoint
slides?  I will do the presentation in PowerPoint
under Crossover Office 4.1.  I can either develop the
slides myself or adapt and use slides that have been
developed already.  Maybe something from a previous

Thanks in advance.


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