portability fixes (yet another attempt)

Thomas Weidenmueller wine-patches at reactsoft.com
Tue Feb 15 20:33:47 CST 2005

Mike McCormack wrote:

> If you don't build and test your patches against Wine, then don't 
> submit patches.

To my understanding it should build, but I unfortunately don't know what 
each single build environment in the *nix world expects.

> If you're trying to fix Reactos, then why don't you just fix your own 
> headers?  Dmitry already pointed out that you can easily add some 
> #define's or inline functions to achieve what you want.  That seems 
> like a better idea than submitting untested patches to wine-patches 
> and hoping we're going to fix your problems for you.

My attempt was to impove code sharing between both projects, and this is 
_exactly_ what Dmitry suggested. I'm not paid for doing this so if you 
don't even want to give it the slightest chance then I don't care at 
all, at least I would've helped out merging a not-101% perfect patch. 
Again, this doesn't fix reactos at all (not that it changed anything 
other than dependencies to libunicode), it rather fixes wine. If you 
trash it right now, I honestly don't care, then someone else can do it - 
or not...

Best Regards,

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