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> Hi,
>         I'm the maintainer for World of Warcraft, and I've noticed a few things which have been pointed out before (on irc, bugzilla, mailing list) but have not really gotten any attention.  As this is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular pc game at the moment, it seems as though it would be worthwhile to look into getting this to work if it does not require a complete rewrite of wine to do so.
>         There are currently two things preventing operation of the game.  Firstly, I'll start off by saying that there are two separate modes to run the game in.  d3d9, and opengl.
>         The d3d9 mode doesn't currently work since the support for this dll is not complete.  I have been following it closely though, and I constantly find myself impressed with the amount of work being poured into it lately.

I highly recommend that you try Oliver Stieber's patch.  Even if
buggy, I think you'll find WoW works very well.  I've recently found
that Star Wars:  Battlefront works with it.  The problem with
Battlefront is it experiences heap corruption at the menu screen.  I
think it's related to some stencil operation.  Oliver, if you read
this, I have a 10 MB +heap,+d3d,+d3d_surface log, compressed bz2 no
less, that may help solve this problem.  Though I may wait till your
next patch and then get back to you.  :)

>         As for the opengl mode, it crashes strangely just after the character loading screen, but before actually getting into the game.  I'm not really sure exactly what is causing the crash.  I've run several traces, and all that comes up is a large group of fixmes which look like this:
> fixme:thread:GetThreadTimes Cannot get kerneltime or usertime of other threads
> fixme:thread:NtQueryInformationThread info class 9 not supported yet
>         The error I am able to get (when I change my winver to win2k) is an actual game error (not given by wine).  This one looks like this:
> ERROR #0 (0x85100000)
> Program:   C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
> File:   C:\build\buildWoW\WoW\Source\Ui\MinimapFrame.cpp
> Line:   1287
> Expr:   !("CGMinimapFrame::Initialize(): can't get render target for minimap")
> I posted a bug about this on December 7, 2004 at this location:
> Nothing has happened yet with this bug except for someone else confirming it.

Well, I would actually like to try WoW myself.  I have a friend that
has the full game.  I just know that the full game will load, because
I brought my computer over to his house once.  While he was playing
the game himself, I though it might be intersesting to see if it will
still run  (I tried it in beta days).  I mounted his samba share, and
let out a snicker, because he was too involved in the game to know
what I was doing.  But this hinted to him I was up to something -- I
told him nothing.  Then when the music started playing he knew....  Of
course I could not log in to his account while he was playing.  Maybe
next time.

Again, you should see Oliver's patch and see if it has bugs with the
minimap.  I think it might cause opengl doesn't quite work there
either and the d3d stuff is just an opengl wrapper.  But at least we
will know.  I guess this is a fixable problem?


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