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Wed Feb 16 13:17:49 CST 2005

 --- Jonathan Wilson <jonwil at> wrote: 
> How will this work affect Direct3D8 apps?
> Will this work make those apps run any better (or is
> work to do that being 
> done?)
It won't at the moment, but the work has been done in
a way that allows DirectX8 to wrap the functionlity at
a later stage, so that DirectX9 and DirectX8 share
most of the same codebase.

> Also, how does the work we have here in this project
> compare to what 
> TransGaming have as far as Direct3D functionality?
on the downside..

Shaders aren't working yet, but the DirectX 8 shaders
can be migrated reasonably easly.

Stencil buffers aren't working properly either, which
affects shadows and odd shaped windows etc...

Offscreen textures aren't working fully.

on the up side.

Stateblock support seems to be more complete than

Swapchains are working, transgaming doesn't have them.

Non-power of two textures should work on all opengl
video cards, transgaming only support a subset of

Querys are stubbed, and I've got a version of
Occlusion query to test (but I think ATI's drivers are
broken), occlusion queries may give fairly large
performance increases in some games.

A few other minor things like point sprites are

With the exception of a few areas performance is
on-par with cedega.

I'm looking at offscreen surfaces soon.

There are lots of easy performance boosters that can
be implemented at somepoint.

Of the games I've tested this version works more often
than Cedega, but that doesn't mean too much since most
games are failing with non DirectX related issues.

I've been developing with an ATI graphics card, so
there shouldn't be the odd dropout because of ATI
driver bugs that happens with Cedega.

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