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Wed Feb 16 17:42:28 CST 2005

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 21:26:58 +0000 (GMT)
Oliver Stieber <oliver_stieber at> wrote:

> > 
> > I highly recommend that you try Oliver Stieber's
> > patch.  Even if
> > buggy, I think you'll find WoW works very well. 
> > I've recently found
> > that Star Wars:  Battlefront works with it.  The
> > problem with
> > Battlefront is it experiences heap corruption at the
> > menu screen. 
> I've just put together a new patch against head.
> This versions a had a lot of code separation work
> done, rendertargets are more or less fixed and texture
> addressing should be working properly now.
> I've also gone through and put in NULL checks where
> they seemed to be missing, including
> IDirect3DDevice9Impl_SetVertexShader
> Let me know if you get any obvious problems like
> applications bailing out because of missing NULL
> checks and I'll put them in the patches I send to wine
> patches. (or note the problems in the code if there
> non-trivial)
>  I
> > think it's related to some stencil operation. 
> > Oliver, if you read
> > this, I have a 10 MB +heap,+d3d,+d3d_surface log,
> > compressed bz2 no
> > less, that may help solve this problem.  Though I
> > may wait till your
> > next patch and then get back to you.  :)
> Can you mail it to me and I'll have a look.
> WINEDEBUG=trace+d3d9 would also be very usefull as it
> logs all the relay calls between wined3d and d3d9.
> > 
> > Again, you should see Oliver's patch and see if it
> > has bugs with the
> > minimap.  I think it might cause opengl doesn't
> > quite work there
> > either and the d3d stuff is just an opengl wrapper. 
> > But at least we
> > will know.  I guess this is a fixable problem?
> > 
> Rendertargets are working in DirectX9, and I've got a
> better version in the pipeline that should be useable
> for wgl.
> > Jesse
> > 
> >
> ___________________________________________________________ 
> ALL-NEW Yahoo! Messenger - all new features - even more fun! works!  Kind of.  First thing I'd like to point out is that your patch doesn't add the new stuff (d3dx9 and wineguid) to the configure script, only to the  That caused a little problem for me since I didn't autoconf it, but was easily fixed.  Compilation went perfectly and, then the fun began.

Upon loading, it shows the usual intro screen.  Unfortunately, there's no textures yet (as you've mentioned).  It still runs though, and I can kind of make stuff out.  When I began to load my character, it crashed at the same place that the opengl version crashed!  It gave me this error:

err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x3ada001c "?" wait timed out in thread 000f, blocked by 0009, retrying (60 sec)
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x3ae7f90c "DSOUND_mixlock" wait timed out in thread 0012, blocked by 000f, retrying (60 sec)
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x3ada001c "?" wait timed out in thread 0025, blocked by 0009, retrying (60 sec)

I tried to get something more complete (traces and whatnot), but it seems that my wine has compiled without --debugmsg for some reason.  I'll see if I can fix that at some point.

Next thing I noticed was that it crashes on exit, just like cedega does (I don't care what anyone says, tg did NOT fix it in the new release and I'm still pissed at them for sucking).  Here's the error message for that:

ERROR #0 (0x85100000)
Program:	H:\.wine\drive_c\Program Files\World of Warcraft\WoW.exe
File:	C:\build\buildWoW\ENGINE\Source\gx\CGxDeviceD3d\CGxD3dDevice.cpp
Line:	614
Expr:	newRefCount == 0

I'll try and get more info to send in as soon as I get debug messages working again.

Thanks again for the great work!

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